I'm Wojciech Bator. This is my official website.

I'm a member of Virya, Artyfiction and Refaktor bands. You can check out our releases, read a few blog posts about music stuff that matters. If you are interested in cooperation or you just want to reach out to me, don't hesitate to leave a message. Enjoy!


What I've done or participated in as an artist


Entropy is Artyfiction's penultimate release. We are heading towards Split... Good song with good memories and nice animation created by our talented bassist Mirek Berg. A bit of a sad lyrics that might remind you where we're all going. Summary of the process called life. Enjoy!


Złoty Chłopak

A brand new official video from Refaktor band. We are highlighting differences in society and we are condemning the fact, that there's a special cast of people in Poland, that can do more than the others without any permissions. Yet another protest Refaktor song. Enjoy!

Złoty Chłopak


A playthrough video for one of our upcoming releases. Virya will hit the crowd in 2023 and we aim to make something both fans and us will enjoy. For now, give us a shot and see our playthrough.



The debut single of a brand new Refaktor band. For more info, check out my blog post about Refaktor project. Klapki is a song about a torn polish guy who disagrees with poor government decisions. He knows he can do little to fix it so sometimes he just prefers to put a blinders on and chill.


The Hater

The Hater was released by Artyfiction at 17.07.2022. It condemns over-the-top amounts of hate that are recently flushed over the internet. Are you hater or being hated? Who didn't face hate even once? Watch out our official video and share your thoughts.

The Hater

Wojciech Bator - Singularity II: Reborn

The dream continues as the crew approaches the black hole. Will they find answers there? Or maybe people will never stop looking? Watch the grand finale of this epic journey! Singularity II crowns an epic tale. Rafał Paluszek took care of the movie, Wojciech Bator composed and recorded the musical setting. Enjoy!

Singularity II: Reborn

Wojciech Bator - Singularity I: Edge of the Horizon

People have always dreamed. Civilization has made progress and made dreams come true. Highly advanced humanity has embarked on a bold plan to explore the supermassive black hole. This is the first part of their story. The film was created by Rafał Paluszek and the music by Wojciech Bator. The two of us have prepared an epic journey to the limits of knowledge for you.

Singularity I: Edge of the Horizon

Wojciech Bator - Warning! Genius at work

Warning! Genius at work is a piece that I composed to Lootnick as a thank you for creating my new guitar. It turned out better than I thought and I decided to include it in my music portfolio as well. This time, in terms of music, you will find 100% Wojciech Bator here. The films were made by my wife Madzia and I edited them into a product.

Warning! Genius at work

Wojciech Bator - The Nightingale

The Nightingale is Wojciech Bator's official debut as a solo artist. You can write a lot about the single and I will create a more informative post about the production. Rafał Paluszek made a film and conducted a photo session. Paweł Kardis recorded the drums and provided advice, Axel Ostrowski prepared the drums mix. Wojciech Bator did the rest :)

The Nightingale

Wojciech Bator - On The Scent

This is the leitmotif of the story Red Eye. Enriched with a great detective drawing by my very talented wife - Madzia. I added better mastering and bass track. You can find the song as OST on my YouTube.

On The Scent

Wojciech Bator - Czerwone Oko

Second project made together with Radio Arkham. As part of it, I created a guitar and keyboards soundtrack, and programmed the drums.

Czerwone Oko

Wojciech Bator - Maski

Composing music for a story in the atmosphere of horror. I created a guitar soundtrack for Radio Arkham with ambient elements and Arturia keyboard backgrounds. A moody and a bit of spooky yet quite enjoyable podcast.


Firing Lines

The second album of the progressive band Artyfiction. I participated in composing, recording and mastering the album. I recorded this disc as the first one on Fractal Audio Ax FX III. More metal than rock.

Firing Lines


The first album of the progressive band Artyfiction. You will hear me rocking on guitars here. Rocky, old school. Made by Perła in Perlazza Studio. Much apprieciated!


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