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Hey there!

If you look on the picture above, you'll see all Refaktor band members. Yes, it's a two men's band and I'm proud of being 50% of it. Another 50% is Jakub Dąbrowski, a very talented singing drummer with skills well beyond that. He plays keyboards, bass, guitar, composes, writes lyrics and as you can see on our official video - he's also a dope actor! I'm happy to take part of this project, as the music flows quickly and nicely, the ideas are good and make sense, at least for both of us. Well, judging by the metrics, it makes sense for more than just us two, which is really good.

Why bother Refaktor? I think, for polish people, it's mostly about to-the-point lyrics backed with direct music. For the rest it'd be about well done rock music and well thought, funny videos. We started from english lyrics song, but decided to make our first album in polish. We just started and the debut song seems to be really well received, so why not jumping on board and see for yourself what we can offer? It's just the beginning and our songs schedule is already busy... Check us out!


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