Singularity II - Reborn

The concept of Singularities has fascinated me for a long time. In principle, it is a phenomenon where we go beyond the known laws of physics. The singularity, however, has many faces and can also be interpreted as an event after which nothing can be the same as it was before. Recently, the Singularity has become famous thanks to astrophysicists and Sir Roger Penrose's black hole research. Black holes were first predicted by Einstein, reaching the limits in his General Theory of Relativity. However, he did not want to believe that there might be a place in space-time, let's call it simplified, where the curvature tensor of space-time tends to infinity. What does it mean? To put it simply, we are unable to draw a geodetic line through the Singularity. Why didn't I say mass or density goes to infinity? I refer to interesting material.

Physics is enough, I am not scientifically competent enough to present this issue in a simple and understandable way :) For me, singularity is such an exception to the rules governing the world. There is also talk of the so-called "Technological Singularity", a moment when machines will become more intelligent than humans and cease to need us. Sounds scary? Maybe, but who said they had to start fighting us then? We don't know yet.

In both parts of Singularity, I tell the story of a highly developed civilization that decided to get answers to the most fundamental questions. The mentioned black hole is the last bastion of the unknown, the last hope to find some deeper bottom of this world, perhaps the absolute or God? Even though science has explored most of the matter, some existential questions remain unanswered. So a group of daredevils is going to travel in one direction - to the heart of a supermassive black hole - the Singularity. We have the privilege of living their adventure, a privilege that will not be given to their civilization. But remember that no information can come back from beyond the event horizon? ;)

From a technical point of view, the irreplaceable Rafał Paluszek took care of the visuals. My faithful companion of the most confusing stories, thanks to whom you can experience this adventure more fully. I took care of the music and sound production. Taught by the experiences of my previous publishers, I provide you with much better material. If you think it's valuable, consider making some small purchases on bandcamp;)

© Wojciech Bator