Arkham Radio cooperation

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In the second half of 2020, teamwork slowed down a bit, so I started looking for alternatives where I could compose music and have some fun with it. The expectations were not too high - in the meantime I was carrying out a few projects and there was not that much free time either. While recording phrases for the previous radio play on Radio Arkham, I met Mateusz Tomiczka. I joined the recording and after preparing the tracks, word by word, I was introduced to the work of the radio and asked to create foundations for the next stories. I did it, while Seweryn Jezierski took care of mixing and mastering.

The work went very well for us, as part of the backing tracks I could take a break from metal and deal with ambient, samples and symphonic inserts in the main tracks. In 2020, our cooperation resulted in music for two stories - Maski Nyarlathotepa and Red Eye.

The masks are presented as a series of stories, while The Eye is one, longer fictional radio play. I strongly encourage you to audition because I think the stories are very interesting and well led and realized. After the rest, it gives me great joy, composing and reading, suggesting corrections and other engagement.

I look forward to what 2021 will bring, because I think there will be more stories for which I will compose music.

© Wojciech Bator