Patronite - something for patrons of the arts

Wojciech Bator with guitar. Close up

Patronite is another interesting platform. While many services, such as Spotify and Bandcamp, focus on delivering music to listeners and selling digital versions of releases, Patronite focuses on supporting artists. The artist sets the thresholds, in my case it is 10, 30 and 50 PLN per month. It also sets the goals that it intends to achieve with the funds received from patrons. Piotr Chabrowski became my first patron. He could believe that the money he put in me was not an expense but an investment. I thank him very much for his trust and support. As a fundraising goal for Patronite, I have set up a solo album. I can compose, play and record tracks well, while good sound and production are key to receiving a musical piece. That is why I prefer to entrust such a task to a professional with appropriate experience and equipment. One of such people is Przemysław "Perła" Wejmann, from whom I learned everything I can while making records with Artyfiction in terms of mixing, mastering and production.
Returning to Patronite, the artist publishes exclusive content for patrons, not available to everyone. These are either music recordings, or making of films, or news about what I am planning and what will happen soon. They also get a preview of my musical accomplishments and are included in the acknowledgments under the videos I add. I plan to include the more generous ones on the cover of the album as my sponsors.
So take a look here and see what I can offer. The link:


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