A few cents on the Bandcamp

Wojciech Bator looking on the back

The Bandcamp platform is in fact a one-of-a-kind portal that allows lesser-known and independent musicians to officially and directly distribute their works. It is divided into two pages - artists who set up their websites and provide publishers and fans who have at their disposal a clear overview of music, familiarization with it and possible convenient online purchase of a digital version. If you decide to buy, the platform collects the tax, charges 15% of the amount for itself, and the rest goes to me. In the realities of music, it is a very fair deal. The second way to support me is to follow - then you will know when I will release the next stuff.

Getting to the point - I also set up my own website on Bandcamp. It is available here. From February 15, you can buy my single - The Nightingale. I hope you haven't missed the information about the premiere?

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