New axe in the armory

Arturia Keyboard

As you know, the COVID-19 pandemic is prevailing in the world today (the twenty-twentieth). Many friends of the virus have already contracted it, people seem to have learned to function properly in it's murky shadow. Fortunately, the widespread horror of this spring, when people didn't really know what awaited them, had passed. The music industry has been hit so badly that the government has decided to distribute taxpayers' money to help pay for artists. You can agree or disagree with this policy, the fact is that professionals invest a lot in equipment, take out a lot of leases and the lack of job can lead to frustration.

In my case, the matter is of a much smaller caliber - yes, there is an occasional commission, but I also have a lot of time to create my own music, not forced by a contract (i.e. the best I can give). However, to be able to create good things, apart from vision and skills, you need tools. You can see one of them in the main picture. I present to Arturia Keylab 49, who joined my armory, placing herself next to Ax FX III (my battle axe):


Although Axe gives great sonic possibilities, I am not able to go beyond the guitar with it. The possibilities of the equipment are enormous - imitating synthesizers, organs, ambient, strongly psychedelic, spatial reverbs, arpeggiators, harmonizers, distorted, powerful distortions - but still playing the guitar, a trained ear will reveal the specificity of the guitar playing, in some matters the keys are simply irreplaceable.

This is where the eponymous Arturia comes into play. A handy, just 49-key MIDI controller with a fantastic bank of 6800 sounds in the form of Analog Lab and a few extras (eg Stage-73 or a package of synthesizers). The key is quick, pleasant to play, has 8 sample pads, manual faders for modulation, control knobs, octave switches, modulators, in a word everything a user of the keys may need. So far I have tested dozens of sounds from banks, mainly checking the variants consisting of a sequencer for the left hand and a synthesizer for the right. I am very impressed with the possibilities of this wihajstra and well ... Certain sections composed in cooperation with Radio Arkham are just crocheted on it.

If this entry leaves you unsatisfied, and I think it is a bit (I have built up the tension and now such withdrawal with cancer?;), Then I encourage you to look here. I think that the possibilities of this tool are nicely presented. Also, listen to the Arkham radio play that I gave in the Portfolio section. I have a real solo in the process of preparation, more on that soon.

Stay tuned

© Wojciech Bator