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Wojciech Bator on a stage


I picked up the instrument early on, but it all starts from listening. You gotta listen carefully first to process the message carried over in music. Then you can decide if you wanna talk back. And I decided and became pretty talkative, music-wise. At 7, I started taking guitar lessons, also learning keyboard and notes. At 11 I won a few prizes for a young talent. It was my "classical music" period. After hearing Deep Purple more I decided to pick up guitar more seriously and my playing moved from fingerstyle to rock. And so that begun, I turned into classical hard rock, through shred, into prog metal and ambient. Recently, I turned more into modern metal and pop rock.

Privately, a proud and happy husband of my beloved Madzia <3


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For all kind of support I'm really grateful! Have fun and enjoy all things that will come soon.

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